Backcountry Aircraft Rental - experienced pilots only.

Are you looking for a capable backcountry aircraft you can take to the Idaho or Utah backcountry for a week of airplane camping? Our highly modified 182 is perfect for such adventures and available for rental to experienced pilots with the necessary skills to do this type of flying. There are a couple stipulations to utilizing our aircraft on a rental basis. You will be required to do a backcountry checkout. Rate is $250/hr, minimum 10 hours of usage. Use of the aircraft on unimproved airfields is permitted however the pilot does bear all responsibility for the aircraft, any damages, recovery expenses and lost revenue in the event of an incident or accident. Renter insurance with hull coverage of minimum $75,000 is required. The aircraft will be inspected by an authorized A&P mechanic prior to departure and immediately upon return to verify no damage has occurred.

About our Aircraft

  • 1956 Straight Tail 182
  • Extended Baggage
  • Horton STOL Kit
  • BAS Safety Harnesses
  • 850/6 AirGlas Nose Fork and Wheel
  • 850/10 Main Wheels - Alaska Bushwheels
  • Reinforced Nosegear and Firewall
  • MOGAS or 100LL